Underground mine ventilation

We have a proven record in underground mine ventilation services.

Our service offer focuses on 4 key points during the consulting process:

  • Diagnostics
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Follow-up

In the diagnostic phase, we review the current operating conditions of the mine and identify the possible improvements to the system with the help of Ventsim™.

With the outcome of the diagnostic phase, we implement the approved enhancements.

Once the enhancements are implemented to bring the system to the minimum standards, we optimize the ventilation system. At this stage, the key points to be improved are identified. Big savings can be achieved with an optimization analysis.

During the follow-up, we ensure that the mine achieves the requirements specified in accordance with current regulations and the objectives set forth in the previous stages.

The scope of the consultancy offered by Isaeng ranges from the preliminary design to the optimization of existing mine ventilation systems.

We can also accompany it in the implementation of the ventilation monitoring plan, as well as in the follow-up measurements themselves.

As distributors of Ventsim™, we have given training and offered our services in different countries of Central and South America.

We have also participated as presenters in different and prestigious congresses of ventilation of underground mines.