In Isaeng we are passionate about mining and especially about ventilation. During several years as VentSim distributors and as consultants we have had the opportunity to know many places and very valuable people. In spite of the distance and time we have managed to maintain with many of them professional and friendly relationships that have helped us grow as a company and as people.

That is why in Isaeng we have decided to highlight the workers who have been trained and specialized in the ventilation sector and for this we have created a special scenario for them. Heroes of Ventilation’, is the name that will carry our campaign for these engineers and where you can find many stories, experiences and experiences of the sector in many mines in America.

In this first issue we want to highlight the work of Paulo Cesar Sinche Mauricio, who at 31 years of age and with more than 8 years of experience in the mining sector, was able to specialize in mine ventilation at the National University of San Agustin de Arequipa (Peru).

The beginning in the world of mining

In our first interview, Paulo told us about his experience in several mines in Peru, his native country, as well as other stories that give a more human touch to the ventilation engineer .

The most curious thing in life is that despite all the success he has had in his professional career as a mining engineer, his first choice after finishing his high school was to study arts…

“I told my parents that I wanted to study arts, I really liked music, painting, drawing, creating things; in fact I wanted to learn to play the drums but I didn’t have enough money to buy it so I settled for the guitar. I was like the typical teenager who wanted to play the guitar and compose music and stuff but my dad asked me what I was going to live on and we know that in this world you don’t get paid much to be an artist. You really have to have a great success to live well”.

Paulo never gave up his passion and that is how he ended up creating his own rock band together with his colleagues of the university, playing in small bars and parties for pure fun and in his free time exploring new ideas and skills such as painting creating drawings and showing that his desires as a young man to be an artist were not left in the past.

His passion for VentSim and Ventilation

Paulo chose to study mining engineering after having heard all the good things this career would offer him and where he would finally discover the world of ventilation.

“I always liked to make a difference, and that’s why I decided on the field of ventilation. I remember that a professor gave me some books about the field of ventilation and as I was investigating more and more I ended up liking it, so much so that I signed up for VentSim courses and began supporting ventilation theses for college graduates.Little by little I was immersed more in this world of ventilation and I like it because not only do you make the operational processes but also plan what you are going to do. Not only do I obey orders but with this software I decide what I can do and how to do it better, always going further.

Another of his great passions, which he acquired over the years during his time at the university, was in ventilation, learning to make use of the most powerful software used in mining and of which Isaeng is a proud distributor: VentSim. With this, Paulo not only has fun simulating work scenarios but also learning more and more about the process of optimization of the different variables that influence the ventilation systems, reducing long working hours.

“My specialty and favorite function of VentSim is dynamic simulation as it allows me to simulate the concentrations of CO “…then with VentSim I can simulate and watch what is the behavior of this gas inside the ventilation and in the equipments so I can simulate what is the blasting gases and so this is what I find more useful from this tool. In addition I think it is very important the function ‘search target, which allows you to find what you are going to do, optimizing the time.

Subway mining, one of the most critical jobs is the ventilation, because you are always subject to criticism for the bad conditions in the mine. With the VentSim, I validate the ideas I have about the ventilation circuit and as there are criticisms there are also thanks. I consider the greatest recognition of a good job to be much more valuable when it comes from the workers who are there on the work front, sweating, and there were opportunities when they told me in the on-call deliveries “Engineer, thank you for your work, you can see the change” “good work” – that’s the greatest fruit of our work.

Stories among mines

With the great experience that Paulo has had in the field of mine ventilation, he has managed to learn more and more, traveling and visiting other mines outside Peru. This is how he arrived in Chile for a visit, where he had the opportunity to get to know other mines where he could acquire more knowledge in the field of ventilation. In addition, Paulo comments that despite not having visited the famous Chuquicamata mine, which he admires, he has investigated its ventilation system and design and wanted to replicate it in his work since it has been one of the best jobs he has ever seen.

During his visit to Chile, Paulo Sinche did not leave his Peruvian roots aside, so he spent a lot of time looking for Peruvian restaurants to remember and enjoy their exquisite flavors and smells; and above all to prove and affirm that Peruvian pisco is the best!

Returning to Peru, in one of his visits to the mines in the Cerro de Pasco, Paulo had an unforgettable and a little terrifying experience.

“My colleagues and I went to visit the mine to perform a ventilation study and decided to take a picture at the mouth of the mine, you know that in some mines there are myths, so it turns out that when we saw the picture we realized that a shadow appeared above our heads. We thought that it could have been mushrooms from the same wall or from the concrete, but when we zoomed in on the photo the shadow had the appearance or the shape of a woman, a young lady, a dress was clearly visible, it was a very detailed shadow… I had a cousin who worked in that mine and I asked him and he answered saying that it was ‘La Gringa’ commenting that it has always bothered the workers, feeling touches on their shoulders… That has been the strangest experience I have had in a mine.

As there are good, curious and fearful experiences, there are also painful ones. Every profession has its risks and unfortunately Paulo had to live and feel the loss of a person who was not only a friend but also a mentor, who influenced his life as well as the lives of many of his colleagues.

“It is very difficult to see co-workers leave, it is the worst thing that can happen and even more so when they are accidents at work. There are always risks in our occupations whether they are inside the mines or in the middle of our daily travels. I remember a colleague who was a good friend of mine, we all admired and respected him a lot and it turns out that when he was leaving to have his days off, in the middle of the road his truck overturned? “He was an engineer well liked by the whole unit. This situation was really strong and hard for everyone.

A life in the middle of mining

Working in the mining sector is never easy because the work environment is 100% different from any other activity (working underground), other days you simply have to travel to other mines to learn new techniques and implement them in your daily life. But without a doubt, one of the most complex tasks for all miners is in the area of love.

“The life of us workers in the mining sector is very difficult, especially to establish a relationship since we have to be traveling, working in the mine and we simply don’t have much time. In addition, it is forbidden to have any relationship at work, however, there are always cases of cases hahaha”.

On the other hand, as time goes by, the dreams and desires of each worker change, wanting to be closer to their families and above all to grow professionally.

“I really like being with my family. I would like to be closer to my home, raising my kids doing projects and studying more, and not stay in the mine so much. I want to gain recognition and I even want to create my own company”.

Experience with Isaeng

“With Isaeng we have had a good relationship for years. I met them when I asked them for a training in VentSim. I knew the company through LinkedIn, I read their articles and I found them good since the company is always aware of the technologies in the sector of ventilation and mine services so I asked them for their support. We had our own training, a very good course in fact. Also, my experience with Iseng has been very good. Apart from being very good professionals, we have managed to have a good bond of friendship. I like to see the human side of each company and in Isaeng I have found that.

At this point we agree with Paulo, since at Isaeng we are passionate about what we do and above all, we listen to each of our customers to achieve an environment of both friendship and professionalism, learning from each other, focusing on the growth and progress of this important and great mining sector.

As Paulo says, “we are in the time when each job has its specialization, it is time to study more and become more detailed in some points and if a young person who is in a mining career wants to enter the ventilation sector, I would say that with ventilation you can think or do your own work. It is very interesting and beautiful this field and little by little new positions are opening in the sector and I just have to say welcome to those who want to join this family.

After a long conversation, we wanted to close with some recommendations and curious questions that we plan to ask each of our future heroes:

Favorite team: Local U team and the Peruvian National Team
Favorite food: Cau de pancita and Shrimp Soup
Location: In Arequipa there is a lot of good food. You can find a lot of culture this rustic, the old, the traditional.

Thank you Paulo, we hope to meet you again, either visiting your mine again or visiting Colombia or the Netherlands where we have our headquarters and where we would be more than happy to welcome you!

Not all heroes wear a cape and sword, some like the ventilation engineers wear a helmet and overalls. Their work allows their colleagues to work safely and comfortably during the hard days of work. And Paulo has gone further, perfecting his methods, providing greater confidence in himself and in the results of his work. For this and many more reasons, Paulo is a hero of the Isaeng Ventilation!

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