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*please note – Ventsim has been renamed to VentSim DESIGN. This article was originally published on LinkedIn by one our engineers.

Are you short on budget to update your VentSim license? Or have you simply not been aware of the latest Ventsim updates? If so, then you’re missing out on the improvements in the latest versions of VentSim DESIGN.

In this article I focus on the 5 improvements either because they make our work easier. Do not forget that behind these improvements there are many more that we can’t see but that are implemented to make VentSim models more reliable and allow us to make more accurate decisions in the simulation of our ventilation systems.

Without further ado, here they are: 5 reasons to upgrade to VentSim DESIGN V5!

1. Audit tool

Available since version 4.5 released in October 2016.

You can find it in Tools > Audit.

Thanks to this tool you can audit your ventilation models which I find especially useful, since it allows me to review the different parameters of the model, minimizing the possibility of errors.

My advice is to generate a series of “good practices” in the mine to guarantee the uniformity of the different mine ventilation models and to not be lead by the tastes of any particular ventilation engineer.

2. Fan digitizer!

Are you still generating the curve of your fan manually? This is a thing of the past! Now you can extract the curve directly from the manufacturer’s catalogue with the additional advantage of conserving the original images of the curve for future reference.

You can find it under Tools > Fans > New > fan digitizer

In 4 simple steps you can generate the curve of your fan:

  1. Select the curve of the fan that you want to digitize.
  2. Define the maximum and minimum limits of the different curves, for example: Flow, pressure, efficiency.
  3. Define the area that is within the limits.
  4. Generate the points by clicking on the curves.

As simple as that.

3. Improvements in the visualization of the graphics and the interface!

Although graphics scaling is available since version 3, the latest version incorporates the graphics scaling into the results palette. Thanks to this simple function it is much easier to manipulate more complex models because it allows to modify the visibility of the different objects of the simulation.

Additionally, the interface uses some new icons with quite clear descriptions of their functionality.

For example, in the previous image you can hardly see the different symbols of the model. With graphics scaling it is possible to increase the size of the icons, thus facilitating the identification of the equipment or fans of the mine.

4. PQ Surveys

As mentioned in the VentSim help, PQ surveys are recognized as the most reliable way to create ventilation models because they use real measurements and avoids using variables such as area, friction, losses, and so on.

It is now possible to directly incorporate the pressure and flow in a specific section of the mine and the software automatically balances the system. Certainly the PQ survey is not the easiest thing to do but it definitely increases the reliability of the results!

5. Howden fan selection tool!

What could be better than the tool for digitizing the fan curves? A tool that also helps you select the fans! Whether you are interested in selecting a Howden fan or simply want to have a reference, this tool is my favorite in this new version of VentSim DESIGN! Its operation is similar to the “search locally for fans” but far more powerful as it allows you to search the Howden database, offering you literally dozens of alternatives!

These are my 5 top reasons why to upgrade to VentSim DESIGN 5! Do you have any other reason you want to share? Or are you interested in learning more about the new version? Do you want to sharpen your skills in VentSim DESIGN? Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations or advice!

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