The 14th mine ventilation symposium held in Salt Lake City was a very interesting experience where we had the opportunity to present a second paper on the standardization of the ventilation process in coal mines.

During the symposium, we not only participated in the full session of ventilation in Spanish but also had the opportunity to attend different training sessions on psychrometry with Rick Brake of MVS and control of diesel emissions.

Unlike many of the mines in Peru, underground mines in Colombia were not very technified at the time of execution of this project. For this reason, carbons from the Caribbean (Sator currently) decided to undertake a project to standardize the ventilation process in their coal mines. There were in total 5 underground mines.

The project was developed with the same methodology used in Raura and in general in all our projects. However, an additional innovation consisted in the development of a device that would characterize existing fans that did not have their operation curve.

The result of this work was presented later in the mining congress held in Chile and that I will be sharing later.

Unfortunately, many of the coal mines in Colombia continue to use precarious production and ventilation procedures.