One of the most interesting projects that Isaeng has developed was the generation of ventilator curves for the ventilation of underground mines.

This project was developed for coal mines in order to obtain the curves of the fans that for different reasons did not count on its curve of operation.

The ozerating curve of a fan allows to know the maximum flow that the fan would deliver to given conditions, for example, the pressure drops in the system. In this way it is possible to select the proper installation of the fan.

The curve of a fan can be obtained in different ways: by means of the fan equations, by CFD simulation or by experimental tests. In this project we focus on the experimental method with quite satisfactory results.

This project allowed to find the curves of the ventilators and to incorporate them to a database of Ventsim. In this way you can simulate the ventilation systems of the mine in a more efficient and realistic way, minimizing errors when installing the fan.

During the mining congress in Chile SIMIN 2013, we had the opportunity to present this interesting work with excell