During the 14th mine ventilation symposium held in Salt Lake City, I had the opportunity, together with one of my colleagues, to present the work done at the Raura mine in Peru on the optimization of the ventilation system of a polymetallic mine.

Raura is a polymetallic mine that according to mining.com is considered one of the mines located at a higher altitude above sea level. The scenery is incredible and the mine and its history even more so.

This article presents the summary of the study process implemented at the time. A job that took about 3 months to run. The summary of the method implemented by Isaeng (Previously MSO Industrial) is usually as follows: Diagnosis, Implementation, Monitoring and Optimization of the ventilation system.

As in all our projects we try to use the best tools available, in this case, Ventsim for the simulation of airflows in the tunnels of the mine.

I hope the readers of this article enjoy it as much as we enjoy the execution of this challenging project.